UC Riverside​, ​MFA in Creative Writing for the Performing Arts (June 2021) GPA: 4.0

Rutgers University​, ​BA in English with concentrations in Creative Writing and Film Studies (December 2009)

UC Irvine Extension​, Certificate in E-Learning and Instructional Design (March 2019)


Experienced writer and video producer with a background in training and instructional design. I have over 10 years of experience in supporting, spear-heading, and writing visual stories for organizations and documentary films. Using my background in writing, editing, camera operation, and critical inquiry, I have worked with diverse communities to build platforms for communicating ideas and designing a culture.



Contributing Writer ​4/2020 – Present
– Fostering diverse voices within the African diasporic community by creating new poetry, short stories, and writing interviews monthly.
– Promoting unique worldly perspectives by contributing ideas and receiving ideas from writers in various parts of the world​.

Skydance Media

Intern (Remote)​ 6/2020 – 7/2020
– Analyzing and evaluating tv and feature scripts
– Working with TV and Feature Programming units to determine coverage needs for – Writing coverage for scripts, books, and plays with adaptation
– Practicing pitching story ideas during pitch class sessions

University of California Riverside

Teaching Assistant ​9/2019 – Present | Riverside, CA
– Curating additional resources to support students
– Designing a supplementary syllabus for discussions to provide a clear guide for students – Creating a curriculum for discussion sessions
– Grading and determining appropriate feedback for assignments
– Conducting office hours

University of California Riverside

Media Producer, LX Analyst 9/2017 – 9​ /2019 | Riverside, CA
– Developing and recording courses with learning glass technology and green screen, which enhanced online and hybrid courses and engaged professors and students
– Maintaining workflow structures by designing charts for media rates, media management, production purchases, and invoicing

Think Together

Media Producer, Instructional Designer 4/2016 – 9/2017 | S​ anta Ana, CA
– Built over 50 courses for online training and professional development
– Creating interactive courses using Storyline and the LMS’ online course design tool -Recording and photographing site visits to archive and use for future trainings
– Translating curriculum content to fit branding standards and proofreading
– Training team on recording voiceover with recording equipment and software
– Purchasing equipment and maintaining an inventory checkout system
– Using Insights Discovery Resources to organize training workflows according to collaboration/work styles.

University of California Irvine, UC Irvine Extension

Media Specialist 9/2012 — 4/2016 |​ Irvine, CA
​ Providing editing and video support for the “Walking Dead” interdisciplinary course
​ Shooting on location, multiple lectures daily and promotional open education content
​Setting up and recording professors for Coursera courses.
​Brainstorming creative ways to incorporate media forms in UC Irvine’s Coursera content ​Aiding in maintaining and cataloguing over 800 open lectures for free public use
​Assisting in planning for Open Education Week, a week long stream of open courses

Rutgers Center for Digital Filmmaking

Associate Producer, Video Editing Instructor 9/2011 – 8/2012 |​ New Brunswick, NJ
– Co-managing and logging 5 multiple projects, totaling 400 hours of footage
– Leading and directing interviews and field shoots in different countries
– Assisting in writing awarded NSF Grant proposal for a multidisciplinary documentary and science project -Lighting, setting up, shooting interviews and filming verite footage
– Logging and managing footage shot
– Co-managing interns and independent study students
– Teaching a weekly editing course at Rutgers University
– Preparing “Art of Becoming” and “Thailand Untapped” documentaries for broadcast on PBS

Rutgers Department of English-Writers House

Associate Producer, Editor, Camera 8/2009 – 8/2011 |​ New Brunswick, NJ
– Shooting and interviewing in multiple locations including Spain, Thailand, and New York
– Editing interviews, b-roll, footage, then shaping them into documentary stories
– Logging, capturing, and editing multiple projects
– Exporting media through various compressions, including H.264, Apple Pro Res, and MP4
– Managing an online database of over 2000 hours of multiple projects
– Maintaining a database of footage on Final Cut Server from various projects -Logging, capturing, and compressing footage


“Introduction to Filmmaking Course” – TA/Discussion Facilitator (2020)
“Telling Stories for the Screen Workshop” Trainer/Facilitator for Reality Ministries (2019)
“Media and Cultural Studies Course” – TA/Discussion Facilitator (2019) “Road to Communications and Media Mentorship Program” – Mentor (2018 – Present)
“Video Editing Lab Course” Instructor for Rutgers University (2012)
“Media and Technology” – Instructor for the Rutgers Future Scholars Summer Program (2010, 2011)
“Editing and Learning Final Cut Pro Workshop” Trainer for the Rutgers Institute for Women’s Leadership (2010)

Art of Becoming
(2012)​………………………….Co-Producer, Co-Editor Director: Dena Seidel
Thailand UNTAPPED(2011​)…………………..Co-Producer, Editor, Cinematographer Director: Dena Seidel Atlantic Crossing: A Robot’s Daring Mission(2010​)……………Associate Producer, Assistant Editor Director: Dena Seidel

Same Time, Same Place (Short)(2020
​)……..Director, Co-writer
R E C Y C L I N G (Short)(2020​)……………….Director, Writer
Before the Calm (Short) (2013​)…………………Writer, Director, Co-Cinematographer, Editor
Rings We Bear (Short) (2012​)…………………..Co-Writer, Director of Photography, Editor Director: Steve Holloway Chemo: A Love Story (Short) (2012)​………………………Director of Photography, Editor Director: Keith Walker
Jackpot (2012)​………………………………………..Director, Editor, Writer
Cracks in Limbo (Short) (2011)​………………….Director, Editor, Writer

Operation Seize the Night (2012)​……………..Co-director, Producer, Editor Client: Lenovo PC
Jeffrey Cares Fashion Show (2012)​………….Videographer Client: Waalton Isaacson
Latin in America TV Pilot Series (2012)​……..Director of Photography | Directors: Joaquin and Corina Rosa


Cinematography/camera experience with DSLR, and prosumer 4K cameras, Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut Studio, Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, video editing, writing, storytelling, training,


Gluck Teaching Fellowship Recipient 2020
Creative Lab Hawaii Writers Immersive Fellowship 2018 – 2019


National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Mid-Atlantic Chapter

National Association for Multi-ethnicity in Communications


Screencraft Drama Semifinalist for the feature screenplay ​Queens of Clarendon ​2020
OFFICIAL SELECTION for Quarantine Film Festival for the short film, ​Same Time, Same Place ​2020
Atlanta Film Festival Screenwriting Competition Quarterfinalist for the TV Pilot ​Swim ​2020
Female Voices Rock Official Selection for the TV Pilot ​Swim 2​ 019
PAGE International Screenwriting Awards Quarterfinalist for the TV pilot ​Swim 2​ 019
UPCEA Bronze Award for Interactive Media: Streaming/On-demand Content 2015
Mid-Atlantic EMMY nominee for ​Thailand Untapped​ documentary 2013
Grant Honoree and finalist for Lenovo’s “Seize the Night” commercial
WINNER 2013 Best Homegrown Short Documentary at the 2013 Garden State International Festival for ​Thailand Untapped
OFFICIAL SELECTION 2013 Cannes Festival Short Film Corner for “Rings we Bear”